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Protecting Durmitor

Short Film

This is the story of Miladin Kasalica, who takes us on a dawn-to-dusk tour of the breathtaking Durmitor National Park in Montenegro. We glimpse the rugged peaks of the Dinaric Alps the sharp curves of the river canyons, the icy waters of the park’s 18 glacial lakes, and the wildlife that calls this place home. This is nature in its purest form: lush, dramatic, and wild. Miladin tells us why he is so drawn to this remarkable place and shares a heartfelt plea to his fellow Montenegrans, Europeans, and humans to remember the millions of years necessary to create places like Durmitor. As he says: cities can be rebuilt; nature can’t. Welcome to Miladin’s Wild Place.

DIRECTOR Simon Straetker, Milo Zanecchia
CAMERA Joshi Nichell, Simon Straetker, Milo Zanecchia, David Riesbeck
AERIALS Simon Straetker
EDIT Simon Straetker
COLOR GRADING Demian Pleuler