Sefapane Ecokidz and the Wonders of Wildlife

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“We travelled to South Africa in 2019 to visit a project called “Ecokidz” that brings children into the National Park and thereby awakens their love for nature. The kids are inspired to protect their environment and become nature ambassadors.
“All those young people live adjacent to the Kruger National Park but they don’t have the money or maybe the resources to go to the Park”, explains Vulani Mabunda, one of the teachers of the project.
In partnership with Sefapane Foundation and Development Trust, the TUI Care Foundation is supporting an initiative that provides educational experiences by showing children the importance of nature. Through field trips to Kruger National Park, children are taught the significance of conservation and ways in which they themselves can help the environment.”


Simon Straetker


Simon Straetker, David Lohmüller


Lars Richter