Genusswelten in der Nationalparkregion Schwarzwald

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Autumn is here. The days are getting shorter, the birds are flying south and mystical misty forests turn into a glowing sea of leaves after daybreak. The time has come for spectacular sunsets and cozy evenings in the warm! Martin and Begoña meet the people of the region, experience a variety of moments of enjoyment and explore the Allerheiligen Waterfalls in the Black Forest National Park Region together with Ranger Timo. The region around the 10,000-hectare national park has its own special charm for all ages at any time of year. With the right equipment, there is no such thing as bad weather here. Even a rainy day brings its own unique charm and enchants the Eldorado habitat into the setting of a magical autumn fairy tale. To warm up after a fresh autumn day, the 27 communities of the three counties of Freudenstadt, Ortenau and Rastatt offer saunas and thermal baths, hotels and excellent restaurants, such as that of the Sackmann family. Also the gin and wine tastings, as well as delicious nibbles should not be missed here in the autumn season. With this film, we present some places to go for a successful weekend trip to the Black Forest National Park Region.


Simon Straetker


Simon Straetker, Chris Keller, Sarah Ziegler


Janika Kamm


Susi Dollnig


Bony Stoev